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Studio 10

July 21, 2016

Channel 10 Sydney aired this story about one of the Therapies for Kids kids and a GoBabyGo car. Click Here…

GoBabyGo Harness

July 21, 2016

Matteo gets the confidence to walk and to chase bubbles once he is in the harness.

Kanga gets to be a rally driver

July 21, 2016

Once Kanga got the hang of his new car, he loved driving over the teeter totter.

Amalia gets her GoBabyGo car

July 21, 2016

Once a kid gets the independence to go when they want – they just GO for it !

Aria tests her modified push trike

February 2, 2016

We added footcups to provide passive exercise to her legs while using the trike and built a backrest to attach…

Rida’s iMovie

February 2, 2016

Rida has made wonderful progress learning to walk

GoBabyGo/Enliten Harness System

May 13, 2015

Therapies for Kids is excited to commission Australia’s first and ONLY GoBabyGo/Enliten Harness system and the early results have been spectacular…

Pencil Grasp

January 30, 2015

What is it? A pencil grasp is one component of handwriting. Children move through various stages of grasp which is…

Prematurity – Occupational Therapy for

January 13, 2015

What is it? Prematurity is a term used for babies born at less than 37 weeks’ gestation. Premature infants are…

Fine motor checklist

November 3, 2013

Please complete this brief checklist if you have concerns in regards to your child’s fine motor development. Does your child…


October 2, 2013

What is it ? Stuttering affects the fluency of speech. It begins during childhood and, in some cases, lasts throughout…

Speech Sound Disorders – Articulation and Phonological Processes

October 2, 2013

What are they ? Most children make some mistakes as they learn to say new words. A speech sound disorder…

Selective Mutism

October 2, 2013

What is it ? Selective mutism (formerly known as elective mutism) usually happens during childhood. A child with selective mutism…

Pre-school Language Disorders

October 2, 2013

What are they ?
 Preschool children (3 to 5 years old) with language disorders may have trouble understanding and talking.…

Paediatric Dysphagia

October 2, 2013

What is it ? Dysphagia, also called swallowing disorders, can occur at different stages in the swallowing process: Oral phase…

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD)

October 2, 2013

What are they ? With OMD, the tongue moves forward in an exaggerated way during speech and/or swallowing. The tongue…

Hypermobility Syndrome

September 29, 2013

What is it ? Hypermobility syndrome is a term used to describe overly mobile joints which occurs as a result…

School Readiness

September 25, 2013

School Readiness What is it ?   School readiness refers to the fine and gross motor, language and communication, self…


September 25, 2013

What is it? Handwriting is a complex task that involves the successful use of cognitive, motor, visual motor, visual perception…


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