Distal Balance Exercises (Cuevas Medek Exercises – CME)


The aim of paediatric physiotherapist working with children with delayed gross motor skills is to develop balance against gravity, ultimately to stand and to walk independently. As a child develops motor skills, from infancy they are required to make careful postural adjustments.Children with motor impairments are often unable to make these adjustments themselves and paediatric physiotherapists strive to find new ways to assist the child to maintain upright positions. While working with the child, the physiotherapist slowly decreases the support they give the child from trunk, to hips, to thighs, to ankles, to no support. As physiotherapists we are constantly challenging ourselves to find effective treatments to assist us to provide children with the best interventions to gain functional motor skills.

We offer this model of therapy to assist us in our goal to offer the best intervention for each child. This therapy is designed to allow  the child to experience new sensations through posture and movement, which they cannot do themselves.

This approach focuses on:CME-1

  • Improving the gross motor skills of children with movement disorders from 4 months of age
  • Aiming to train postural adjustments that lead to sitting, standing and walking
  • Decreasing the support given to a child from proximal to distal, so that the child reacts to gravity
  • Using specialised equipment – a set of boxes must be used to provide CME® therapy
  • Exercises which are repeated until the child’s body reacts automatically to times when the child is required to keep balanced

If it is appropriate for your child’s needs, CME therapy is one modality among many that we use at Therapies for Kids. However it is always an integral part of our Intensive Block of therapy.


Children who benefit from CME include those with physical, sensory and/or cognitive difficulties i.e. children with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, Down syndrome, developmental delay etc.

Provided by:

One of our very experienced paediatric physiotherapists.

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