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Your child is our priority! We are proud to be Australia's most leading trans-disciplinary practice working across different therapies to ensure your child receives the highest quality support. We don't just provide the best support, we set goals and reach them! We are child-centred, specialising in treating ALL children, typical and disabled.

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Movement specialist for children

DMI Therapy

Movement specialist for children

Occupational Therapy

Achievers of purpose and play

Spider Cage

Achievers of purpose and play


Speech Pathology

Let's communicate!

Kids Group

Let's communicate!

Intensive Program

Accelerated progress


Accelerated progress

What Makes Us Unique

Best Facilities & Equipment

We provide the best facilities and equipment which is at the leading edge of research development

Support Philosophy

We operate based on our family support philosophy equipping parents with skills and practices

Paediatric Specialists

Our paediatric specialists are personally trained by world-renowned physiotherapist Debbie Evans

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Jody Ha - Therapies for Kids Physiotherapist

Jody Ha- Physiotherapist

Child with picture book

Tips for interactive reading

Have you ever sat down to read a book with your child only for them to quickly lose interest? When looking at books, we recommend trying interactive book reading techniques. Interactive book reading is when both the parent and the child participate equally in conversation about the book as they read. The interactive nature is…

Beijing Winter Paralympics

Beijing Paralympics 2022 Over the next two weeks we are going to be celebrating the 2022 Winter Paralympics in China. At this time I would like to acknowledge 2 organisations that are both recognised by the International Olympic Committee. These are the International Paralympics and the Special Olympics. These are both Not For Profit organisations…

Rare Disease Day

What is Rare Disease Day? Rare Disease Day is a day to recognise the many people in the world living with conditions that are life threatening or debilitating and affect less than 1 in 2,000 people. The first global event was held in 2008. This year Rare Disease Day is acknowledged on the 28th February…

Lockdown Olympics

Welcome to Summer Lockdown Olympics! The Olympic Games in Tokyo may be coming to a close, but here we are just getting started! And also eagerly awaiting for the start of the Paralympics! Choose your country and let the games begin. The following are summer Olympic sports that you can participate in your: Lounge room…

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