Out of Clinic/Telehealth

Therapies for Kids believes that to offer a holistic approach for you and your child it may at times be beneficial and/or necessary, (due to health, educational or access issues), to provide hands-on therapy services out of clinic.

Out of clinic services can include:

  • In-school or pre-school visit
  • In hospital visit
  • Telehealth


All out of clinic services need to be discussed with your therapist to ensure your child is getting the most appropriate support based on their specific needs and developmental stage.

Our therapists work to a very tight and busy schedule, so out of clinic visits will be offered to make the most efficient use of the therapists’ time. This means that an out of clinic service will only be offered when available to suit an existing timetable. 

Due to NDIS policies regarding out of clinic travel, NDIS participants should be aware that out of clinic visits will rarely be available if NDIS funding is to be used for this service.


Community Access Services

Sometimes it is important to support a child to learn and develop skills to access the commonplace community settings. This could involve:

  • Physical Access: at day-care, pre-school, parks, shopping centres, etc.
  • Mobility: assisting children to use escalators, ramps, park equipment, and difficult terrain.
  • Socialisation: assisting children to interact functionally with friends and family within their community.

We are happy to accompany you and your child to a community setting if that is appropriate.


Please note: additional charges may apply for out of clinic services and our reception team can confirm this based on specific circumstances.


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