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Physio gym in TFK's Sydney Clinic
Physio gym in TFK's Sydney Clinic

Therapies for Kids has been designed to provide State of the Art Therapy for children of all abilities. The Physiotherapy Gyms are specially designed by Debbie Evans who has close to 40 years of working with children in various clinical settings. She wants to provide children and their families with an environment that is unique and will provide motor experiences for all children in the least restrictive environment. The gyms need to fulfil the criteria of a learning space that provide for fun, fitness, friends, function, family, and the future. We believe that our gym rooms do just that. Therapies for Kids is a fantastic and fun place to bring your child for their therapy needs.


The Physiotherapy Gyms are set up with various stations that include:

  • The unique Enliten Harness which offers unparralled freedom of movement for children whose movement is otherwise restricted
  • The Universal Exercise Unit (sometimes referred to as a Spider Cage),
  • Our specially adapted climbing wall and spiderman net with 30 cm deep gym mats. This is a favourite with children of all abilities.
  • A climbing ladder for balance work and bimanual skills.
  • A medical treadmill that is equipped for partial weight support that we use for gait training, including developing independent stepping, strength and endurance.
  • Our obstacle course which includes climbing equipment and balance beams to practice motor skills , motor planning and for the practice of bilateral skills.
  • A mat area for individual treatments particularly for babies and assessing musculo-skeletal problems (including sports injuries).
  • Soft play and foam balance equipment as well as a ball pit for practicing early motor skills, sensory play and more complex balance skills in a safe environment.
  • Work stations with stationary bikes, rowing machines and punching bags
  • A large open area for ball skill practice and for group activities.

Powerhouse rooms

Our four Powerhouse rooms are for individual therapy in a quieter environment for the practice of separate fine motor and language skills as well as quiet areas for assessment, parent discussions etc. These rooms are where our children will come to work on individual table top skills for Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology and for posture and musculo-skeletal checks for Physiotherapy and Podiatry. Our Powerhouse Rooms all have height adjustable tables and a range of seating to suit your baby, child or adolescent. We have a range of equipment, fun toys and resources to suit every child and every stage and age. Our therapists love to use a variety of technology during therapy when appropriate including switch toys, iPad’s and computers.


Our Reception area is our hub. You can be assisted with any administrative needs  by our welcoming staff in reception. There are also a number of sitting areas for parents and carers to use during their child’s therapy. This allows interaction with other parents and creates a unique community environment.

The Reception team is responsible for booking appointments, taking payments, assisting with funding plans (Medicare and Government), facilitating communication between you and your therapist and answering any and every question you may have.

The front desk is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday to best accommodate your needs.


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