Does your pre-school age child need OT?

Please complete this brief checklist if you have concerns in regards to your pre-school-age child's development.

Fine Motor

  • Immature drawing skills
  • Dislikes and avoids fine motor and tabletop activities
  • Immature pencil grip
  • Unable to write own name
  • Poor scissor skills
  • Generally poor performance at fine manipulative tasks
  • Difficulty learning new fine motor tasks
  • Tires easily when performing fine motor tasks, particularly pencil skills

Gross Motor

  • Trips over a lot
  • No sense of danger or scared of heights
  • “Accident prone” – always bumping into things
  • Appears floppy and awkward when performing movement activities
  • Poor balance
  • Problems learning new motor tasks (often dislikes outdoor activities)

Visual Perception

  • Lacks concentration with visual tasks
  • Difficulties with puzzles and block designs
  • Difficulty with finding images in picture books
  • Poor visual memory


  • Poor self-esteem
  • Poor concentration
  • Disorganised
  • Does not mix well with peers – often prefers playing with younger children
  • Immature social behaviour
  • Aggressive/shy and timid/disruptive behaviour at school
  • Unable to sit for group activities or storytime
  • Difficulty sitting still during structured activities

Self -Care

  • Difficulties dressing self
  • Cannot use appropriate utensils to feed self
  • Messy eater
  • Dependent on others to assist with self-care tasks at an age older than normal
  • Slow to perform all self-care tasks

If you ticked some of the boxes above an Occupational Therapy Assessment is recommended as Occupational Therapy can assist the development of these skills. Bring a copy of this checklist to your assessment.