Individual Occupational Therapy Treatment

What is Individual Occupational Therapy Treatment?

Following assessment your therapist will discuss the results of the assessment with you and begin to develop treatment strategies for your child’s needs in conjunction with you and your child. All treatment strategies will be individualised for your child using a number of evidence based treatments. If your child has ongoing needs, then functional goals will be developed using our  GIFT model. Your child’s programme will be monitored, measured and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

All therapy will be delivered in individual rooms utilising our state of the art resources. A home programme will be developed and, if necessary, a programme to be used at preschool/daycare can be written.

At Therapies for Kids we believe in collaborating with all the people involved in your child’s life and we encourage the use of our communication book for this.

Our Occupational Therapy team incorporates hands-on treatment and therapeutic exercises with play & recreational activities to assist your child to improve their functional or self care skills and their social or leisure participation.ot treatment

Who: Children from birth to 18 years following assessment or screening.

When: During office hours 8.00am – 6.00pm.

Where:  Individual Therapy Rooms and Therapy Gym
Pre-school, school & home visits will be arranged as required.

Provided by:  One of our experienced Occupational Therapists

Booking method: Through Reception or Click Here