Theratogs™ at Therapies for Kids

All therapists at Therapies for Kids are trained in the use of Theratogs™, a strapping technique which maximises the benefit of therapy sessions. Our team of experienced therapists use Theratogs™ to help your child reach their optimal physical performance during their therapy sessions. Intensive treatment using Theratogs™ and other specialised services at Therapies for Kids optimises therapy results while the use of  Theratogs™ at home allows caregivers to continue to provide treatment.

What are Theratogs™ ?

  • They are a live-in outer skeleton – allowing postural, sensory & neuromotor training.
  • They are individualised for each child and adapted over time by the therapist as the child adjusts to the Theratogs™.
  • They are designed to decrease the overworking of muscles allowing weaker muscles to work.
  • They are designed to allow more coordinated movement reactions.

How they work :

  • The garment provides continuous feedback to the brain to help create new improved patterns of movement
  • The strapping emulates therapist’s hands allowing for personalised treatment.
  • The Theratogs™ allows the child to perform skills more fluently and with less effort.
  • They are designed to assist the child to attain a more stable posture thus allowing them to be involved in more functional tasks.
  • Allows massed practice of motor skills.

Wearing the garment all the time increases the intensity of treatment.

How Therapies for Kids can help :

  • We will fit and monitor Theratogs™ to help achieve desired positioning in instances where your child may have postural weakness, hypotonia, hypertonia or spasticity.
  • We will monitor your child’s progress through video, photos and on going assessment with and without the suit to allow comparison of your child’s fine and gross motor skills.
  • Theratogs™ will be used to provide your child with postural control while performing complex functional tasks and strengthening of upper limbs.
  • With the use of Theratogs™,  we can assist your child to maintain upright postures with the acquisition of postural control in the neck, trunk and hips. This allows limbs to move in more effective and functional ways.
  • If used at home, Theratogs™will maintain postural stability and therefore allow therapy to be continued at home with the help of a home program.

If you and your therapist feels it enhances the therapy then a goal directed programme using functional  goals will be developed using the Goal Attainment Scale (GAS) and which will be regularly reviewed to assess the effectiveness of the Theratogs™ in treatment.

During Intensive blocks of therapy Theratogs™ are an integral part of the therapy sessions. Theratogs™ allow for more postural stability during the performance of repetetive functional skills.  It is also used in the spider cage to assist the therapist to position the child with correct postural alignment.

For enquiries re Theratogs™ or our Intensive blocks of therapy please telephone reception or Click Here

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