Why we're here

We are about inspiring potential - for all

We believe in every child's potential

We have the vision to see it, and the expertise to unlock it

Therapies for Kids is a place for children to find friends, family, fun, fitness, function and the future.

We believe that every child should be provided with intervention as early and intensively as possible.

In everything we do, we work hard to live up to our five core values.


We use play to impart skills and knowledge so it doesn’t feel like therapy or treatment.


A pure intent to unlock every child’s potential. Good therapeutic practice and evidence based treatments drive impact and results.


With respect and empathy, we work collaboratively across multiple therapies with a diversity of children and their families, schools, medical practitioners.


An infectious enthusiasm for children and their innate potential and capacity inspires and motivates our craft and care. “The day I don’t cry I will retire”.


We are willing to do it differently with an innovative and adaptive philosophy, focused on solutions and positive outcomes.

Why we are unique

Debbie Evans

Debbie Evans

Deb has been practicing Paediatric Physiotherapy since graduating in 1979. Over the past 40 years, Deb has gained extensive experience in working with families and has developed a unique treatment philosophy based on the whole child, all their abilities and all their potential. The central premise of this philosophy is a transdisciplinary approach while working with families to provide optimum intervention for their child.

In her time as a physiotherapist, Deb has worked in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and the USA, including 20 years in government, community and NGO services as well as 20 years in private practice. This breadth of experience has allowed Deb to develop many contacts in the medical and education professions. Deb's extensive experience has provided her with a comprehensive range of treatment experiences that are invaluable to her current practice and treatment at Therapies for Kids.

Therapies for Kids was born out of Deb's passion to provide premises that are unique and family friendly, which has a transdisciplinary team on-site to promote a unique environment where information can be shared, but most importantly an environment for children where the therapy (whilst sometimes hard work), is an enjoyable experience and often perceived as play. This has proven to be a success, and particularly now working in the gym environment, where all therapists from Therapies for Kids can work together.

At present her unique energies are directed at making the gym a place for children of all abilities and needs to come together whether individually, with their therapist or in groups.

As Deb has 40 years experience in physiotherapy and is the Clinical Director of the Physio-team, she has an understanding of the multiple services provided by her very experienced team. Deb has been appointed as an Adjunct Supervisor in the Physiotherapy Faculty at Macquarie University and has lectured at the University in Rennes in France on therapy techniques for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Deb has been the driving force in establishing a unique Therapy Gym,  ensuring that all services provided are of the highest standard and that all practices are evidence based.

To ensure Therapies for Kids integrity and intent, Deb has handpicked her entire team for their variety of skills. She provides ongoing development of their techniques through systematic mentoring and continuing education within Therapies for Kids and externally. The team use the Goal Assessment Scale (GAS), video records and various complementary assessment tools to ensure the measurement of your child's progress in physiotherapy is recorded for the purpose of ongoing achievements and goal setting.

With the Therapies for Kids Gym as an open play environment, it is the ideal setting for Deb to oversee all treatments and here she can assist the team and families to achieve their goals, even if not directly involved in the therapy of your child.

As a Principal of the Practice, Deb is in ongoing contact with all the physiotherapists regarding treatment and management of all the children. Deb is happy to be contacted regarding any feedback or concerns because her priority is always the child’s ability and potential.

Paediatric Specialists

A child is not just a smaller version of an adult. Treating children, teenagers and adolescents requires specialist knowledge about the patients development because children’s bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are still growing, making them more susceptible to injury. In addition, there are significant differences in coordination, strength and stamina between children and adults. The treatment and program delivered may look the same or similar but there is much more at stake for a growing body and mind than just the injured joint or ligament. Even children of the same age will vary in size and maturity.

Sometimes children need a little bit of help with general motor skills and cognitive skills to maintain the pace of typical development. Other children need help with a specific skill to achieve mastery of a motor skill e.g. handwriting, ballet, ball skills etc. Our therapists have extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of assessment and treatment of all children, all abilities and all potential. Our skilled therapists are renowned for being at the cutting edge of the latest proven treatment practices and technical innovation. We leverage a variety of paediatric treatment and child centred play options within our specialist gym and treatment rooms.

For children who are living with a disability, it is vital that treatment is tailored both to their abilities and disability because the quality of the treatment will have a profound effect on the child’s future development physically, cognitively and socially.

The best therapy, no matter how it is delivered, is provided by therapists with experience. When you couple experience with innovative thinking, the outcomes can be truly outstanding.

With world-renowned physiotherapist Debbie Evans at the helm, Therapies For Kids is the leading paediatric allied health provider in Australia. Deb has been seeing and releasing children’s potential for over forty years. Implemented by her team of paediatric specialists, her model for providing child centred and family centred therapy is second-to-none. Key to the model, is the personalised approach. No two children are the same and their therapy programs are customised accordingly with functional, family-centred goals developed for every child.

Both regular therapy sessions and intensive programs adopt the appropriate applications of strengthening, motor planning, language, play and socialization. In Therapies for Kids transdisciplinary model, therapies are designed to provide a wholistic approach which recognises each child’s specific physical, sensory, communicative, social and emotional needs. With a myriad of evidence-based treatments at their disposal, from suit therapy through to the Enliten Harness, Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Eye-gaze technologies, Therapies For Kids’ families testify to inspiring results.

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