We are about inspiring potential - for all

We believe in every child's potential
We have the vision to see it, and expertise to unlock it

Therapies for Kids is a place for children to find friends, family, fun, fitness, function and the future.

We believe that every child should be provided with intervention as early and intensively as possible.

In everything we do, we work hard to live up to our five core values.


We use play to impart skills and knowledge so it doesn’t feel like therapy or treatment.


A pure intent to unlock every child’s potential. Good therapeutic practice and evidence based treatments drive impact and results.


With respect and empathy, we work collaboratively across multiple therapies with a diversity of children and their families, schools, medical practitioners.


An infectious enthusiasm for children and their innate potential and capacity inspires and motivates our craft and care. “The day I don’t cry I will retire”.


We are willing to do it differently with an innovative and adaptive philosophy, focused on solutions and positive outcomes.


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