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Our transdisciplinary approach is led by our Executive Director, Deb Evans, who has over forty years experience delivering paediatric therapy to children of all abilities. Therapies For Kids was established by Deb, with a vision of providing an environment that is unique and family friendly. Our approach integrates insights, techniques and professionalism from various disciplines, ensuring each child receives a tailored, holistic therapy program – unlocking your child’s full potential and delivering exceptional outcomes. When you choose Therapies For Kids, you’re choosing expertise, innovation a commitment to your child’s success.

Our Services

Your Journey to Progress

Contact our friendly team today to discuss how TFK can support you. We will guide you in the right direction and organise a time for you to meet with our experienced therapists!

Our therapists will speak to you about your concerns while getting to know you and your child through play-based activities. This is also a great opportunity to see if our therapist is right for you!

After your initial consultation our therapist will make a personalised program based on your goals. If you are happy with our recommendations, we will than work with you to schedule regular therapy sessions at a time that suits you!

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