Intensive Paediatric Therapy

Ideal for infants through to adolescents looking to accelerate their progress in functional and developmental skills. It will challenge your child and help them maximise gains in strength and function in a short period of time.

We believe in every child’s potential.

We have the vision to see it, and expertise to unlock it.

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Therapies for Kids is a trans-disciplinary practice offering paediatric services for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Pathology. Working together across different therapies allows the team to provide a holistic methodology which has been proven to have a greater impact by helping a child in multiple ways. It is child-centred, specialising in treating ALL children, typical and those children living with a disability.

Working as a team, Therapies for Kids' registered and experienced paediatric therapists deliver support and services with compassion and care, using the best facilities and equipment, specifically catering to the different needs of children, through in clinic (Sydney and Riverina rooms) and via a Telehealth format. 

The practice is led by Debra Evans who has been practicing Paediatric Physiotherapy for over 40 years. Deb’s experience is unsurpassed in the industry and she passes this extensive knowledge onto her dedicated team of professionals.

Therapies for Kids was born from Deb’s passion to provide services that are unique and family-friendly in an environment and culture where insights and information can be shared. This has proven to be a success with decades-long results and an international reputation.


Therapies for Kids is proud of our diverse staff of qualified physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists. If English is not your first language, we have some services available in Arabic, French, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. Please contact Reception on 9519 0966 or email to discuss your requirements.

Specialising in: (NDIS Services & Other Services)


Movement specialist for children

Paediatric Physiotherapists are movement specialists for babies, children, and adolescents. Helping children with physiotherapy is quite different to helping adults, from an anatomical, physiological, and psychological point of view.

Occupational Therapy

Achievers of purpose and play

A child’s occupation is to play and learn. Some children can have difficulties with play and learning, possibly because of conditions they have been born with, perhaps an injury, or simply differences in their learning style and needs.

Speech Pathology

Let's communicate!

We are able to assess speech, language, cognitive-communication, and oral/feeding/swallowing skills to identify types of communication problems and the best way(s) to treat them.

Intensive Paediatric Therapy

Accelerated progress

We offer a unique, innovative and effective Intensive Therapy Program for infants through to adolescents with neuromuscular disorders and a variety of diagnoses. Intensive therapy is ideal for those looking to accelerate their progress in functional and developmental skills.

Paediatric Therapy via Telehealth, Australia-wide

Therapies for Kids is offering secure Telehealth (virtual) sessions across Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility in choosing how our specialist children’s therapy services are delivered. 

Telehealth: Have your appointments online via a web-based platform. Our expert therapists will guide you and your child through the therapy session from the safety and convenience of your home. 

In Clinic: Visit us in our Sydney or Riverina clinic for a face-to-face therapy session, while we all ensure the appropriate COVIDsafe procedures.

In Clinic and Telehealth: Choose a combination – with some appointments in clinic and some appointments via Telehealth. 

Our therapists can advise on what model best suits your child’s needs.

Call us to discuss your needs, or book an appointment in our Sydney or Riverina clinic.

Effective therapy that gets results

Best facilities and equipment

Therapies for Kids has a reputation for providing therapy facilities and equipment which is at the leading edge of research development.

Therapies for Kids boasts a purpose built, 500 square metre facility that, while being completely disability accessible, is designed to be interesting for children of all abilities.

Family support philosophy

Therapies for Kids is comprised of a dynamic team of credentialed and experienced professionals providing support and services with compassion and care. Working together, we use the latest research, best equipment, and  the most advanced practices, to offer a multidisciplinary approach...

Paediatric specialists

A child is not just a smaller version of an adult. Treating children, teenagers, and adolescents requires specialist knowledge about the patient's development because children’s bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are still growing, making them more susceptible to injury. In addition, there are significant differences in coordination, strength, and stamina...

Therapies for Kids Riverina Clinic on PRIME7 News

Come and Visit our Sydney & Riverina Clinic

Providing the best treatment programs for children requires very specialist knowledge and experience. Therapies for Kids provides the highest quality of treatment and care, coupled with innovative technologies, to help your child reach their goals. Our innovative Therapy Centre has the Therapy Gym at its heart, with specialised adjacent rooms for one-on-one therapy where it is needed.

The gym space allows our physio, occupational and speech therapists to integrate their treatments to achieve all round results. It is not only a colourful gym that provides visual interest to children, but it also contains equipment and facilities that children naturally find stimulating, exciting and challenging.

New to Therapies for Kids?

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Call our expert client service team for any questions or concerns you have
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