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A Key Worker is an early childhood intervention professional.

They can be from one of the following disciplines: Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist, Special Educator, Family Support Worker or Behaviour Specialist.A Key Worker is selected to best support you and your child’s overall needs.

Why would I choose to have a Key Worker model?
When your child has a delay or disability this can involve many parts of their development. A Key Worker can support you in all areas of your child’s development so that you can prioritise what is most important for your child.

In this model there is one main therapist who collaborates in a team, taking the lead role in providing support across all the areas that your child needs to achieve their goals. The Key Worker closely collaborates with speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists to share information, ideas, techniques and strategies to offer individualised services to a child and their family.

Evidence shows this method of service delivery is one of the best ways to manage a child’s therapy needs.

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Benefits of the Key Worker model include:


Allied Health Assistant

An Allied Health Assistant works under the supervision of an Allied Health Professional, such as a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist, to assist with therapeutic and program related activities.They may be engaged to work in a discipline specific area or assist in the delivery of allied health services across a multidisciplinary team.

Our Allied Health Assistants can help by working with children to practise the activities or skills that their therapist has developed. They also assist our therapists with group programs and support therapy indirectly by helping to create resources like visual aids.

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