Children's Physiotherapy Sydney

Physiotherapists often work with children with conditions such as gross motor development delays, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism to help these children with physical and motor skills.

If your child has health or development concerns, physiotherapists are there to care for your child and help you understand your child’s condition and treatment. With the support and expertise of these professionals, together we can help your child thrive.

Our Physiotherapists are experienced at helping children remain motivated and positive towards their physiotherapy, believing children respond best to structured targeted therapy in a play-based environment.

Physiotherapy is for children with:
  • Problems with balance, posture, coordination and gross motor skills
  • Joint, muscle or nervous system issues that are causing weakness, pain or movement difficulties
  • Weight and physical activity advice
  • Growth or sports injuries to bones, joints, muscles and ligaments
  • Recovery after surgery or illness to improve strength, movement, function and independence
  • Rehabilitation Post Surgery eg. SEMLS/Orthopaedic Surgery/Dorsal Rhizotomy
Conditions we treat :

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