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We believe in every child's potential
We have the vision to see it, and expertise to unlock it

Therapies for Kids has been operating in Sydney since 2003. It provides Sydney’s most sought-after children’s therapist services. It is child-centred, specialising in treating ALL children (typical and disabled). Therapies for Kids is a trans-disciplinary practice offering paediatric services for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology.

Working as a team, Therapies for Kids registered and experienced children’s therapists deliver support and services with compassion and care, using the best facilities and equipment specifically catering to the different needs of children.

The practice is spearheaded by Debra Evans who has been practicing in Paediatric Physiotherapy. Deb’s unparalleled experience in paediatric physiotherapy is unsurpassed in the industry and she passes this extensive knowledge onto her dedicated team.

Therapies for Kids was born out of Deb’s passion to provide premises that are unique and family friendly in an environment where information can be shared. This has proven to be a success with decades long results and an international reputation.


Debbie Evans – Executive Director

The knowledge and experience we gain grows exponentially when we pass it along to the next generation of clinicians and researchers Deb has been practicing in…

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Kevin Rangi – Business Manager / Director

Kevin’s varied career began in the military as a pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. At the conclusion of his military service, Kevin worked…

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Kiri Collins – Clinical Practice Manager

From studying psychology to working in Finance as a Project Manager, Kiri was after a change when she returned to the workforce after her youngest child…

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Marisa Bermingham – Practice Manager

An extensive career in television media resulted in Marisa working and residing in a number of varied and diverse regional and metro areas of Australia, before…

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Therapy Aide – Dash

Dash is Therapies For Kids newest therapy aide and will be helping with some therapy sessions.

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Sydney Clinic

Occupational Therapists

The Occupational Therapists at Therapies for Kids have the skills to provide the best assessment and therapy for babies through to adolescents. They will ensure that  your child gains the necessary skills for participation and independence in the activities of their daily lives such as playing, learning and self-care. For more information about our services Click Here

To join our Occupational Therapy Team - visit careers to see our available positions.

Jane Lee – Senior Occupational Therapist

After graduating from the University of Sydney, Jane worked as an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Therapist with experience working with children with Developmental Delay and Autism…

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Oscar Cavalletto – Occupational Therapist

Oscar is a passionate and energetic Occupational Therapist who aims to enrich the lives of children of all abilities and their families through the use of…

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Joanna Gollon – Occupational Therapist

After graduating from the University of Sydney Joanna’s passion for helping children brought her to Therapies for Kids. She has worked with children of all ages…

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Megan Dunkerton – Occupational Therapist

Megan is a friendly and energetic Occupational Therapist who is passionate about working with children and their families to achieve their individual goals. Following her graduation…

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Adelaide Byrant- Occupational Therapist

Adelaide is an empathetic and caring occupational therapist who completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) at The University of Sydney. She joined the Therapies…

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Taylor Bramble- Occupational Therapist

Taylor graduated from the University of Sydney with a Masters of Occupational Therapy. Following her placement at The Children’s Hospital Westmead, Taylor found a passion for…

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Jennifer Kim- Occupational Therapist

Jennifer graduated from the University of Sydney and is a friendly Occupational Therapist here at Therapies for Kids. Jennifer loves working with children alongside their families…

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Phoebe Cheung- Occupational Therapist

Phoebe is a motivated Occupational Therapist who aims to support children and their families to unlock their potential. Prior to study for her occupational therapy degree,…

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The Physiotherapists  at Therapies for Kids have over 85 years combined experience exclusively in the assessment and treatment of childhood conditions. Paediatric Physiotherapists assist children to  develop gross-motor skills, monitor musculoskeletal development, and manage pain and sport injuries. For more information about our services Click Here

To join our Physiotherapy Team - visit careers to see our available positions.

Emma Warby – Senior Physiotherapist

Emma’s passion for paediatric physiotherapy started well before she even knew what it was. As a child she loved playing with dolls and her favourite game…

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Natasha Furmie – Physiotherapist – Team Leader

Natasha completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney and due to her interest in the pursuit of excellence…

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Stephanie Valia – Physiotherapist – Team Leader

Bringing a vibrant presence to the gym, Stephanie is a fun and dynamic member of the TFK team. Steph showcases her creativity and innovation in developing…

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James Bassil – Physiotherapist

James’ enthusiasm emanates from his belief that all children deserve equal opportunities to reach their highest potential.  Since graduating from the Australian Catholic University, James has…

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Christina Bomba – Physiotherapist

Since graduating from the University of Sydney with a Master of Physiotherapy, Chrissi has worked in a number of clinical settings, including major hospitals and clinics…

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Melanie Mintz – Physiotherapist

Melanie joined Therapies for Kids with paediatric experience and a passion for working with kids and their families.  Her philosophy for physiotherapy is to have an…

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Hussain Abou Hashem – Physiotherapist

Hussain, or Huss as he is fondly referred to, is a part of our Physiotherapy team and is a ball of energy in the gym with…

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Gopi Patel – Physiotherapist

Gopi is a part of the physiotherapy team in the Sydney clinic. Whilst studying for her physiotherapy degree, she was working as a tutor for primary…

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Allira Evans – Physiotherapist

Allira graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Whilst at uni, Allira completed a placement at Therapies for Kids in Narrandera and…

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Jody Ha - Therapies for Kids Physiotherapist

Jody Ha- Physiotherapist

Jody came from Hong Kong and studied in Sydney. She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. She has experience working…

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Caitlin Conington- Physiotherapist

Caitlin originates from the United Kingdom where she graduated from the University of Southampton and went on to work within the hospital sector. She worked in…

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Speech Pathologists

In paediatrics, a Speech Therapist works to develop and maximise your child’s speech, language, and feeding skills. This is all provided in a motivating play setting with the goal of increasing your child's independence and ability to communicate. For more information about our services Click Here

To join our Speech Pathology Team - visit careers to see our available positions.

Melissa Lomax – Speech Pathologist

Melissa has been working as a Speech Pathologist for over 11 years and holds a Masters of Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Sydney.…

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Brittany Anderson- Speech Pathologists

Brittany is a goal-driven speech pathologist, committed to driving tangible outcomes for her clients, their families and various stakeholders. Post completion of her Bachelor’s degree in…

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Dana Kulezic- Speech Pathologists

Dana is a Speech Pathologist who has always been passionate about helping children achieve their full potential. Whilst completing her undergraduate degree in Medical Science Dana…

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Allison Edejer- Speech Pathologists

Allison has a passion for helping individuals gain the confidence to communicate in every possible way. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) at…

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Jaya-Sara Jivan – Speech Pathologists

Jaya-Sara is one of our enthusiastic Speech Pathologists who loves helping children communicate in their own individual way. Jaya completed a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology…

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Riverina Clinic


Clare Hoogers – Physiotherapist

Clare is our enthusiastic country physiotherapist originating from Narrandera, NSW (near Wagga Wagga). She completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University in Orange and…

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Our office is staffed by a dedicated group who ensure that all therapists and families work in a stress free and organised environment. Administration staff are responsible for booking your initial visit, welcoming you, and helping you with all subsequent enquiries. They make all appointments and endeavour to provide the appropriate information on receipts for the various funding bodies including Medicare items, Better Start, and Helping Children with Autism packages (HCA) as well as Private Health Funds. For more information about our services Click Here

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Harvey Tate - Marketing Intern

Harvey Tate – Marketing Intern

Harvey is an enthusiastic marketing student who is excited to embark on his marketing career as an Intern at Therapies For Kids. He studies at Macquarie…

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At Therapies for Kids  we are aware of the developmental milestones and patterns of growth of children's feet and feel we need to provide a collaborative and innovative approach to the management of lower limb problems for children and adolescents. To provide this we have a monthly clinic with both podiatry and physiotherapy input. For more information about our services Click Here