Partial Support Weight Bearing

What is it?

Our Partial Support Weight Bearing equipment is an innovative tool providing children with independent movement and allows therapists to safely explore all treatment options while allowing a child independent movement, and enables our therapists to challenge our clients while also keeping them safe. Many rehabilitation devices are designed for specific populations, however our Enliten harness and ceiling harness systems serve everyone from toddlers with mobility difficulties to those with an acquired brain injury, children with cerebral palsy and movement disorders.

For young children for whom mobility has been something they have never experienced without intervention, the harness systems are innovative devices. We are able to support children with moderate to severe mobility conditions such as cerebral palsy and allow them to experience the freedom to move about within the footprint of the harness and to reach goals which have previously been impossible.

By enriching the environment within the footprint the child begins to learn skills that will assist their independence in activities of daily life. As they mature, their physical control and independence improves significantly with this approach — and they have a lot of fun doing it!

We use this approach in Physiotherapy and it is of particular importance in Intensive Therapy Programs.

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