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LusioMATE makes physical therapy fun!

LusioMATE is a revolutionary approach to physical therapy that transforms conventional rehabilitation into a fun, interactive gaming experience. This innovative device uses wearable gaming technology to motivate children of all ages to achieve their movement goals through playful engagement.

Lusio is a wearable gaming controller that fits almost anywhere on the body. It allows players to do their physical therapy exercises and achieve movement goals through fun and engaging games, made for the LusioMATE gaming platform. With its compact and portable design, LusioMATE can be used at home, in clinical settings, or via Telehealth, making it an ideal solution for continuous, accessible care.

Equipped with various games that cater to gross and fine motor skills, LusioMATE assists in physical rehabilitation and stimulates cognitive function — making each therapy session both mentally and physically rewarding.

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How does LusioMATE therapy work?

LusioMATE is a compact and portable device that can be used both in the clinic, at home, and via Telehealth. The device can make physical therapy fun, engaging, accessible and easily measurable by your therapists.

As part of a home exercise program, therapists are able to monitor progress and update movement goals remotely via the LusioMATE physical therapy ecosystem app. The small size of the proprietary Lusio Sensors enables the motivation of both gross and fine movement goals and the hardware pack is small enough to pop in a bag and take anywhere. It truly is a physical therapist in your pocket.

LusioMATE is suitable for the following conditions:

LusioMATE’s effective gaming therapy, remote monitoring and prescription capabilities can help motivate your child to complete their physical therapy programs and achieve better health outcomes. Available through the NDIS, LusioMATE is a low-risk and low-cost form of physical therapy that can be funded via Assistive Technology from a Core funding budget. LusioMATE can also be funded from the following subcategories of your NDIS funding:

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FAQs about LusioMATE

Integrating LusioMATE into your child’s physical therapy can make the sessions more enjoyable and engaging through fun, game-based exercises. It’s designed to motivate teens and children to achieve their movement goals, which can lead to better adherence to physical therapy programs and potentially faster improvement. It also allows for remote monitoring by therapists, who can adjust therapy goals as needed, ensuring the therapy remains effective and tailored to your child’s progress.

Lusio rehab is different because it incorporates wearable gaming technology to turn physical therapy into a fun and engaging activity. Traditional programs can struggle with patient adherence; however, Lusio’s gamified approach and real-time feedback can significantly enhance motivation and participation. It supports a wide range of motion needs and is suitable for various conditions, offering a versatile and enjoyable way to meet therapeutic goals.

Yes, LusioMATE can be funded via the NDIS as Assistive Technology. Talk to our therapists to find out how you can include it in your plan and ensure it aligns with your child’s therapeutic needs.

LusioMATE uses small, proprietary sensors that can be attached to almost any part of the body. These sensors are compact and versatile, making them suitable for both gross and fine motor movement goals. They connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile app or smart TV, providing flexibility and ease of use in various environments, whether at home or in a clinic.

The LusioMATE offers a variety of games designed to suit different therapeutic needs and preferences. These games are categorised as either “exergames” or “cognigames,” which help achieve physical movement goals and challenge cognitive abilities. The specific games are fun and engaging for users from ages 4 to 94, ensuring that there is something for every user to enjoy while working on their PT programs.

Yes, the LusioMATE can connect to your TV, as long as the TV is compatible with Apple or Android devices via Bluetooth connectivity.

Yes, LusioMATE is designed to be inclusive and effective for a wide range of users, from children as young as 4 years old to seniors aged 94. It supports a spectrum of physical capabilities and is prescribed by physical therapists to accommodate a minimum range of motion from 5 degrees. This makes it a versatile tool for individuals undergoing rehabilitation for various conditions or looking to improve their overall quality of life through enhanced physical activity.

All personal health information collected by the LusioMATE app is securely stored and managed in compliance with all relevant privacy regulations. Access to this data is strictly limited to authorised users, including you, your child and our physical therapists. This ensures that sensitive information is protected while allowing for effective monitoring and adjustment of treatment plans.

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