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Fun and exciting NDIS music therapy for kids in Sydney

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice that uses music as a therapeutic tool to aid your child’s development and address their specific therapy needs. Our sessions apply the therapeutic properties of music to support children as they improve their health, functioning and overall well-being. 

Research has shown that music therapy can help children develop or improve skills like shared attention, communication and play.

Our Music Therapists use your child’s strengths, musical preferences and specific therapy goals to create fun, personalised and motivating sessions with live music-making, creative musical games and activities.

Music therapy is often used to improve social and communication skills in children. Music therapy can be a way of communicating and interacting for children who can’t easily communicate. Instead of using words, the child can use a range of musical activities – singing, playing instruments, improvising, songwriting and listening to music. These activities promote communication and social skills like making eye contact, sharing attention and taking turns.

Our registered Music Therapists use a variety of music-making methods to tailor each session to your child’s needs. This ranges from singing and playing instruments to improvising music and songwriting. Music Therapists can also use musical activities to teach new skills by pairing new skills with specific musical cues. 

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How kid’s music therapy can help your child

Music therapy is an effective tool for reducing stress and anxiety and can also help children develop their communication skills, attention skills, social skills and more. For many children, music therapy provides an opportunity for children to express themselves creatively, fostering their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-expression. It can also support children experiencing issues with emotional regulation, language skills, cognitive skills and problem-solving skills. 

Our Music Therapists can use creative music therapy techniques to assist children with specific issues, such as struggling to focus, paying attention or socialising with others. For example, when treating a child with ASD or ADHD, a Music Therapist may write lyrics about a specific behaviour, such as the importance of taking turns or sharing. The therapist might sing the lyrics to the melody of a song the child knows well. The idea is that the child might be better able to focus on sung information than spoken information.

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Music therapy for kids can help with:

Music therapy can have a profound impact on a child’s emotional well-being. It provides a non-judgmental, fun and open environment where children can explore their emotions through the medium of music. By doing so, it can help children manage transitions, identify emotions in themselves and others and implement strategies to manage their emotions.
Music therapy can significantly improve a child’s focus and attention. It uses the structure of rhythm and melody to capture a child’s interest and maintain their attention over an extended period.

Music therapy also plays a crucial role in enhancing a child’s social skills. Group activities and collaborative songwriting encourage children to interact with others, fostering their ability to share, cooperate, and work positively in a group setting.

Conditions we treat

At Therapies For Kids, we provide a transdisciplinary approach to therapy across a wide range of disciplines. Our therapists can provide support in the following areas:

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FAQs about music therapy

The music therapy process begins with an initial assessment and continues with regular evaluations.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment involves discussions with parents to understand the child’s current abilities and needs. This helps the therapist tailor the therapy to the child’s specific requirements.


Based on the initial assessment, the therapist sets individualised goals for the child.

Music Therapy Sessions

The sessions consist of interactive interventions designed to address the therapy goals. These can include:

We conduct regular evaluations to ensure our therapy program is as effective as possible at meeting your child’s needs. We’ll also provide you with any relevant at-home exercises for you to do with your child between sessions.

In Australia, a registered Music Therapist is someone who has completed an accredited training program and is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association.
Yes, music therapy is recognised as a therapeutic support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If your child is an NDIS participant and music therapy is included in their plan, the costs can be covered by the NDIS.

Our Music Therapists lead each session by using their voice and using a piano or guitar. Our sessions are goal-oriented, which means that we choose exercises and games specifically designed to help your child reach their therapy goals. 

Each of our music therapy programs is tailored to the unique needs of your child. However, each session will typically stick to the following structure:

For example, your child’s music therapy sessions might begin with a “hello” song to help them feel comfortable and ready for the session. Then, we’ll move into goal-oriented exercises, such as a memory game, before moving on to less structured music-based games. Each session ends with a “goodbye” song.

We’ll walk you through the process of each session when we create your child’s music therapy program.

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