Therapy Treadmills Sydney

What is it?

Our treadmill is routinely used in our clinics with children of all abilities and has long been used for rehabilitation of the nervous system. The treadmill can be used in both regular Physiotherapy sessions and Intensive Therapy Programs.

The treadmill is used in a number of ways, such as helping to correct children with gait abnormalities, improves gait ability through repeated weight loading on the lower limbs, children with atypical neurological gait patterns and those who toe walk.

Research has highlighted the effectiveness of the treadmill to promote the positive effects of repetitive task-oriented training and independent steps in children with developmental delays and disabilities.

The treadmill can be used In combination with our Partial Support Weight Bearing harness. The benefit of incorporating our Partial Support Weight Bearing harness with treadmill training is it allows the child to have freedom of movement and help train the nervous system to initiate steps.

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