What is it?

Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT) is a tool used by both physiotherapists and occupational therapists across our clinics. We use both the Gallileo and the Hypervibe plates,  which complement each other in the effects they produce on the body. The machines are vibrating platforms that transmit energy to the child in any position ie. lying, sitting, all fours or standing. The vibration causes the muscles to contract & relax many times each second. 

We set the machines at different frequencies depending on the machine we are using and we can move the mobile HyperVibe unit  into both the Spider Cage, or harness area when we need Partial Supported Weight Bearing positions to gain optimal benefit. Our therapists use WBVT to achieve a number of therapeutic goals including decreasing spasticity, increasing range of movement in tight muscles, strength training, core stability, balance & coordination. 

As one of the functions of the WBVT is a sideways motion, it may help facilitate weight transfer which is necessary for the acquisition of crawling and walking. Additionally, the vibration plates can be set to provide variable frequencies which prevent the child’s muscular system adapting to one proprioceptive stimulus and must change to multiple stimuli – which is necessary when learning any motor skill. 

We use WBVT across all our therapy programmes and your child may use it whether doing intensive therapy or regular therapy sessions.

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