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Accessing Our Services Via Telehealth

At Therapies for Kids, we believe therapy should be fun, easy, and accessible for every child and their family – no matter where they live. 

When COVID-19 turned the world upside down in 2020, the way we offered NDIS and allied health therapy services had to change. To keep everyone safe and ensure continuous support, the NDIS introduced several measures, including moving all NDIS-funded therapy sessions online.

With a continous demand, you can now access our therapy services from the comfort of your home through our Telehealth appointments. 

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Which therapy services are accesible via telehealth?

As a transdisciplinary paediatric clinic, children with disabilities are able to access a wide range of our kids therapy services online.These include:

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How telehealth services can support you to reach your NDIS goals

Offering flexibility in accessing support under the NDIS is more important than ever. At our transdisciplinary clinic, we take a holistic approach to care, and Telehealth is a vital component of our services. It provides greater healthcare choice for those unable to visit our clinic while keeping you safe and connected to our comprehensive support network.

Telehealth is an alternative way of delivering evidence-based therapy via digital technology. Telehealth allows you to access essential NDIS funded therapy from the convenience of your home by using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a computer.

It is just like a normal appointment, except you will be hearing and seeing your therapist via video link. This delivery method is particularly beneficial when you are unable to attend an appointment in person due to health, safety, distance or travel reasons. Essentially, it’s the same appointment, just in a different setting.

There is strong evidence to show that telehealth can be as effective as face-to-face appointments in achieving your child’s goals. While it may not be appropriate in every circumstance, our team delivers the same level of clinical care and safe quality supports during telehealth appointments.

Your appointment can be carried out at any location where you have access to:

We perform our telehealth consultations through Microsoft Teams online software. You will be emailed an invitation link before your appointment which you simply need to click. This will take you through to a virtual room where we can directly interact with you and provide consultations and therapy.

All Therapies For Kids clients are eligible for our telehealth service.

If you are an existing client who is interested in accessing telehealth, simply let your therapist or our admin team know you would like your next appointment to be via telehealth.

Conditions we treat:

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