Augmentative and Alternative Communication Sydney

What is it?

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) includes forms of communication other than oral speech that are used to express thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas. We all use AAC when we make facial expressions or gestures, use symbols or pictures, or write.

AAC can be categorised as either high-tech (e.g. electronic speech generating devices) or low-tech (e.g. paper-based). There are also aided and unaided systems such as:

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What can we do

Our Speech Pathologists are experienced at using a variety of augmentative and alternate communication devices and methods. Using augmentative or alternative communication can often be an exciting time for children/adolescents and their families as it can decrease frustration resulting in difficult or no speech and improve the child/adolescent’s sense of independence and self-worth, opening up pathways for self-expression, socialisation, learning, and function.

Our Speech Pathologist may be able to assist you with the implementation of an AAC program within your home, community, preschool/school, and other therapy sessions.

AAC can be used to communicate messages that others may typically communicate using words such as:

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