Serial Casting For Cerebral Palsy

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We use a number of different taping and splinting tools as adjuncts to therapy to assist us to achieve our therapy goals. The children who may benefit from taping & splinting range from typically developing children to children with complex needs.

The range of tools we use are:

As this therapy is thought to promote neuroplasticity it is recommended as an intensive method of therapy and a specific goal directed program will be tailored by your therapist in conjunction with you and your child in order to identify ways that this therapy can be built into your everyday life.

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Children who will benefit from taping & splinting are those who have:


Hand and Upper Limb Taping and Splinting

Children with hypermobility, difficulties with pencil grasp, low tone or spasticity issues of the fingers, wrist and forearm will often benefit from taping or splinting. This will assist positioning and supporting of the joints in the hands and fingers in order to improve their performance or independence in activities. Some children may require splinting using soft and/or hard materials to correctly maintain positions for rest or function and to ensure maintenance of muscle length.

Our Occupational Therapists can assess, trial, measure, prescribe and/or abricate a range of taping and splinting needs for your child. Splinting may be custom made using neoprene and theramoplastics or prefabricated using TheraTogs™ or our range of Comfort Cool splints and more.

Children who will benefit from this intervention include those with:

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