Intensive Therapy Sydney

Yielding results through intensity

Therapies for Kids is committed to intensity and developing neuro plasticity for positive outcomes long term. Neuroplasticity is developed by short-term blocks of therapy using high repetitions, which  have shown to accelerate progress in functional and developmental skills.

Intensive therapy programs help children with developmental delays, by developing an individualized daily therapy program involving either one or a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. We reccomend your child’s Intensive Therapy Program include up to four hours of therapy each day, for three weeks at a time. Research says 45+ hours over a continual period promotes neuroplasticity and results in improved function.

Intensive therapy programs:

  • Accelerate functional motor skills

  • Improve independence with activities involving motor skills

  • Improve motor coordination, motor control, strength, and balance
Conditions we treat :

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