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Personalised intensive therapy programs for disabilities and developmental delays

At Therapies For Kids, we’re proud to be Australia’s original intensive therapy clinic for children with disabilities.

Intensive therapy is a powerful process for helping your child manage disabilities or overcome developmental delays, supporting them as they build essential lifelong skills. Our team is passionate about using intensive therapy to help children with disabilities reach important milestones like learning to walk and talk. Through daily therapy sessions, our therapists will help your child develop neuroplasticity and reach their full potential with fun and effective techniques!

Each individualised program is developed with your child in mind, so you can be assured your child is getting effective care specifically suited to their needs. Our transdisciplinary therapists will be with you and your family every step of the way, helping children with disabilities through physiotherapyoccupational therapyexercise physiology and speech language pathology.

Whether you’re locally based or travelling to our team, contact us for expert intensive therapy in Sydney. For more information, get in touch with our therapy experts today!

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How does intensive therapy work?

Research shows that 45+ hours of intensive therapy over a continual period promotes neuroplasticity and results in improved function.* We’ve seen great results from using intensive therapy to help children with disabilities, providing long-term positive outcomes for your child. Neuroplasticity is developed through short-term blocks of therapy using high repetitions, which can help your child learn to walk, talk and manage their disabilities.

Intensive therapy programs help children with disabilities by providing individualised daily therapy programs involving either one or a combination of physiotherapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. We recommend your child’s intensive therapy program include up to four hours of therapy each day for four weeks at a time to get the most out of the program.

* Source — Afzal F, Manzoor S, Afzal A. Latest trends in pediatric physical therapy and concept of intensive pediatric physical therapy. Rawal Medical Journal 2017;42;4: 581-2.

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Our transdisciplinary intensive therapy programs:

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Give your child the care they deserve with Therapies For Kids

Each child is different, and every parent wants their little one to get the best possible care. At Therapies For Kids, we ensure your child receives dedicated, personalised therapy programs designed for their needs.

Unlike other practices, we ensure all our therapists share their knowledge and collaborate together to provide the best possible outcomes for your child. Our transdisciplinary therapy experts create fun, safe and effective intensive therapy trusted by parents in Sydney and across Australia.

With state-of-the-art technology and the latest therapy tools at our fingertips, contact us for holistic intensive therapy in Sydney.

Not in Sydney? We can help plan your stay!

We know how stressful travelling can be for children and parents, especially for children with disabilities. If you’re travelling to us, we can help you find the right accommodation in Sydney!

Our team is familiar with convenient local accommodations for you and your child, and can suggest options suitable for a range of accessibility needs. Get in touch with us before your program begins and we’ll help you find a comfortable place to stay.

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FAQs about our Sydney intensive therapy programs

Regular therapy appointments are spaced across weekly or monthly intervals depending on your child’s requirements. The intensive model is an evidence-based* practice that shows children with disabilities and other conditions benefit from receiving two to four-hour blocks of therapy every day over four weeks. By completing an intensive program in tandem with their regular therapy appointments, children can achieve the best possible outcomes for disabilities and developmental delays.

Each intensive program is around 45 hours in length over four weeks, but the duration of each session will vary from between two to four hours. We can work with you to schedule a program suitable for your child.

We recommend bringing snacks and a bottle of water for your session. We also recommend bringing any existing suiting or footwear required by your child or used in your regular therapy sessions.

We recommend booking your child’s intensive therapy program up to 12 months in advance for the best availability.

If your child is already seeing one of our therapists, we will try to assign them to your child’s intensive therapy program. However, this is not always possible due to the schedules of our therapists and the needs of your child.

While it’s great for your child to work with a familiar face, we’ll ensure your child receives the best possible care no matter who they see. If we’re unable to book you with your therapist of choice, we’ll ensure we find the perfect fit for your child from our dedicated team. Our team shares their knowledge and understanding of your child’s needs, so you can rest assured your child will be safe, happy and comfortable with any of our experienced therapists.

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