Children's Occupational Therapy Sydney

Occupational Therapy can help your child develop skills for everyday life, by improving their ability to do things they want or need to do. We Work with children living with physical, psychological, intellectual or learning difficulties or disabilities.

Occupational Therapy helps your child engage in meaningful activities of daily life (such as self-care skills, education, play, or social interaction) and especially encourages participation in such activities.

Occupational Therapy is for children with:
  • Early Childhood Early Intervention
  • Sensory processing
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Self-care such as feeding, dressing, washing, bathing etc
  • School access and equipment needs
  • Handwriting and pencil grip
  • Take part in play and leisure activities
  • Prescribe assistive technology to help your child do the activities they want and need to do
  • Disability provisions for HSC
  • Social development of social skills
  • School readiness skills
  • Behanvioural and emotional regulation
  • Visual & Auditory processing
Conditions we treat :

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