Neurodiversity is an umbrella term which encompasses all individuals who present with a range of neurotypical and neurodivergent qualities.

The term posits that it is absolutely normal and acceptable for people to have brains that function differently from one another. Both brain function and behavioral traits are simply indicators of how diverse the human population is.

A neurotypical child may function, behave, and process information in a way that is deemed ‘typical’ in the community. They may reach their milestones and form social interactions faster and easier.

Accordingly, neurodivergence is the term for when someone’s brain, learning, and behavioural processes function differently to what is considered typical. It encompasses a range of consistent ways that some brains work differently to others. Observed to be subtle in some and more prominent in others, neurodivergent individuals have different strengths and challenges from people who don’t have these differences.

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Common diagnoses which fit under the category of neurodivergence include:

As health care practitioners, we are no longer treating neurodivergence as an illness. Instead, children are viewed as having different methods of learning and processing information and should be fostered in this way. At Therapies for Kids, we endeavour towards reducing the stigma around learning and thinking differences surrounding neurodivergent individuals in an attempt to inspire potential for all.

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