Dynamic Movement Intervention Therapy (DMIT™) and Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME™) are therapeutic techniques used to help children address motor delays and to gain self-confidence in movement skills.

DMIT™ and CME™ simulate neuroplasticity to facilitate new neuronal connections and create pathways to achieve desired movement patterns and develop gross motor skills.

Our transdisciplinary team can help your child with their developmental milestones by incorporating tailored and defined dynamic exercises to provoke a specified active motor response.

DMIT™ / CME™ therapy is for children with:
  • Gross motor skills – improving gross motor skills of children from birth.
  • Gradual progression – continuously increasing the challenge to encourage the child to respond with greater independence.
  • Alignment and Postural Control - all exercises focus on optimal alignment
  • Range of Motion - muscle and joint range of motion is achieved by movement (dynamically) and stretching maneuvers
  • Balance – improved balance is the desired outcome of DMIT™ / CME™
  • Functional movements – improving actions and skills that lead to attaining milestones such as rolling, sitting, standing, walking
  • Children with proprioceptive and vestibular delays
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