What are Disability Provisions for Examinations?

Board of Studies

Disability Provisions (formally known as Special Provisions) are for students completing the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Applications can be made if a student has physical, sensory, neurological, intellectual, or psychiatric conditions that prevent them from reading examination questions and or communicating their responses.

What Therapies for Kids can do

OT Conditions Examination Special ProvisionsOur Paediatric Occupational therapists will assess the student based on their clinical observations as well as using standardised assessments. They will ask the student and parents any history of the presenting problems and may also talk to other professionals involved or to the school teachers to see how your child’s difficulties affect them in a classroom environment and examination situation.

The Occupational Therapy report and medical documentation can be completed and submitted to the Board of Studies via your school.

Often students are recommended to undertake an occupational therapy assessment by school teachers or school counselors, however, no formal referral is required.


What you can do

If you feel that your child requires Disability Provisions for Examinations please discuss your concerns with your school and make a referral for an Occupational Therapy Assessment in order to complete interview, observation, and standardised assessment of your child’s handwriting and fine motor skills who will then discuss your options for Board of Studies Examination Provisions.

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