Individual Speech Pathology Assessment

What are Individual Speech Pathology Assessments?

Babies, children and adolescents are referred to speech pathology for a variety of conditions including receptive and expressive language development,feeding, articulation, fluency of speech and voice & literacy. Assessment will be dependent on the issues raised and the age of your child. Children seen may vary from the typically developing child with language based learning difficulties, stuttering and difficulty with sound production to children with ASD, Down syndrome and neurological disorders (e.g.. cerebral palsy).

We see all all children, whether typically developing or having more complex needs. We’ll ask for details of your childs history,

Speech Assessment


assess your childs speech and language development, oro-motor control, cognition, concentration & play using both standardised and non-standardised tools. This assessment will be in one of our individual therapy rooms and if possible, assessment without siblings present will allow your child to focus. Assessment time will vary depending on a childs age and needs.

Who: Children from birth to 18 years

When: During Office hours 8.00am – 6.00pm

Where: Individual Therapy Rooms

Provided by: One of our experienced Therapists

Booking method: Through Reception or Click Here

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