Telehealth for Dancers and Gymnasts Poster

Emily is a Registered Physiotherapist having completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Australian Catholic University with a unique skill set and passion for working with young dancers.

Emily has 10 years’ experience as a dance teacher and over 20 years as a dancer herself. She is a Registered Dance Teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance having completed her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies in 2015 and has consistently taught at several elite studios in Sydney. This includes successfully entering children for Royal Academy of Dance Examinations and thus had good knowledge of the syllabus.

Emily also holds several other dance specific qualifications including a Professional Award in Adult Dance Practice and is a ‘Silver Swans’ Licensee both through the Royal Academy of Dance. She has completed Advanced level ‘Dance for Parkinson’s Disease’ teacher training advancing her qualifications in making dance accessible for adults with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease of Multiple Sclerosis. As a certified teacher of the ‘Rhythm Works Integrative Dance’ program, she is also developing the accessibility of dance for children with additional needs.

Emily, with both her ‘physiotherapist’ and ‘dance teacher’ hats on, has treated and provided advice to the competitors at the Royal Academy of Dance’s ‘Genee’ International Dance Competition, working with elite level adolescents and young adults.

Emily has completed freelance consulting for dancers recovering from injury. She takes time to skilfully assess and devise a program for every dancer which includes addressing any dance specific technical faults which have contributed to the injury. Additionally, she has experience developing individually tailored strength and condition programs for hypermobile dancers to ensure safe long-term performance.