Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (mCIMT)


What is Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy?

mCIMT is an evidenced based intensive treatment approach that aims to limit the use of an unaffected limb (arm / hand). This allows the affected limb to be less neglected and therefore the limb becomes stronger and more involved for functional daily tasks including playing, writing, cutting, dressing, eating and drinking. Materials and equipment such as constraint mitts, casting, Theratogs™ and splinting may be involved to ensure maximum use of the affected limb. During modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy your Occupational Therapist will provide your child with a range of fun, functional and developmental activities that stimulate use of the affected arm and hand. Reach, grasp and positions are graded and shaped with the guidance of your Occupational Therapist in order to develop optimal use and skill of the affected arm and hand.

To achieve maximum benefit from mCIMT it is recommended that it is also conducted in the child’s home, care and school environments. This is an intensive method of therapy and a specific program will be tailored by your therapist in conjunction with you and your child in order to identify ways that this therapy can be built into your everyday.

Who: Children (infants to 18 years) who will benefit from this intervention include those with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, other disorders resulting in an impaired  use of one arm and hand, and impairment to both upper limbs with more severity on one side.



When: mCIMT will be organised by your Occupational Therapist in conjunction with you and your child during their regular Occupational Therapy sessions. This follows the development of a goal directed therapy program using functional GAS goals. Additional intensive blocks will be organised during the year or during school holidays if required. Small groups of similar aged children will be run in the holidays.

Where: Individual Therapy Rooms and Therapy Gym Pre-school, school & home visits will be arranged as required.

Provided by: One of our experienced Occupational Therapists

Booking method: Through Reception or Click Here


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