Pauline spent her early years of life in China and she is fluent in Mandarin (written and spoken). After graduating from the University of Sydney, Pauline became a Paediatric OT.

She is passionate about working with children with a variety of physical, intellectual and developmental disorders and helping them to unlock their potentials. Pauline has experience working with children and families from different cultural backgrounds, and she is well aware of respecting clients’ and their families’ values, cultures and priorities.

Her enthusiasm in working with children came from the experience of her fourth-year clinical placement in Broken Hill, a mining city in far west NSW. She spent two months working at a public school, providing screening and group therapy for kindergarten and year 1 students, with two other peers. They worked together with other health professionals to deliver a holistic, client-focused therapy program.

Pauline believes that adopting a combination of both bottom up approach (skill acquisition) and top down approach (focusing on occupational performance and quality of life) is more effective in achieving therapeutic goals, under a family-centred framework. Pauline has a special interest in helping children with handwriting issues and fine motor difficulties.