School Readiness Groups


What are our School Readiness Groups

The School Readiness Group provides a fun and structured environment for children to learn, practise and consolidate the skills required for starting school. The group consists of 4 – 6 children. Children are supported to follow a routine in a small group with support of an occupational therapist and therapy aide.

Skills practised include:

  • Writing their name
  • Drawing pictures
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Waiting their turn
  • Taking off shoes and socks
  • Eating a snack from their lunchboxes, providing an opportunity to undo boxes, drink bottles and packets.
  • Going to the toilet as a small group.

During these activities core skills of hand strength, pincer grasp, using two hands together, pencil grasp and visual perceptual skills are all developed. The group also provides an opportunity to trial adapted equipment such as pencil grips or wedge cushions that may promote success in the classroom.

Who: Children who are starting Kindergarten in the following year.

Where:  Individual Therapy Rooms and Therapy Gym

Provided by: Occupational Therapist and Therapy Aide

Booking method: Through Reception or :

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