Spider Cage

The Spider Cage is an  addition to the Therapies for Kids repertoire of exciting and fun (but very effective) treatment spider cage treatment page:intensivebooklet:tools. It is a solid wire mesh device with stretchable cords attached from the mesh to a harness on the child. This allows the child to be involved in balance and strengthening exercises while their body is correctly aligned and positioned. The device is called the spider cage by the children as we often use 8 or more cords to position them in a partial supported weight bearing position.

Partial supported weight bearing training is an evidence based therapy that has been used by paediatric physiotherapists for the past 2 decades, particularly during treadmill training. Using the Spider Cage is an adaptation of this and we also use spider cords on our treadmill to assist children with gait training.

At Therapies for Kids, all therapy provided will be goal directed and after development of specific functional goals relating to weight bearing, balance and strength then spider cage therapy will be integrated by your therapist into your therapy sessions.

The spider cage allows the therapist to :

  • Assist the child to feel independent movement without a carer’s hands supporting them.
  • Provide partial weight bearing support needed for the child to balance alone.
  • Provide support while practising functional skills in different developmental positions, such as kneeling, sitting and standing.
  • Provide support while practising transitions, such as moving between kneeling and standing, sitting and standing, and from half kneeling to standing.
  • Challenge the child’s balance reactions in a supported environment.
  • Have an extra pair of hands for the therapist to facilitate challenging movements and positions thus allowing the child to develop confidence and independence.
  • Provide challenging therapy to bigger/ older children in a safe environment.
  • Assist the child to practice falling which develops protective balance reactions.
  • Stimulate the vestibular system.
  • Systematically change the location/ direction of cords to reduce the amount of assistance/resistance or to increase the amount of weight bearing until the child is performing tasks independently.We have found that children love the Spider Cage and the freedom that it offers and will often request it for their therapy sessions even though it is hard work. During intensive blocks of therapy the cage is an integral part of the therapy sessions. The goals for all children using the Spider Cage are reviewed regularly.For enquiries re Spider Cage therapy or our Intensive blocks of therapy please telephone reception or Click Here