Taping and Serial Casting

What is Taping and Serial Casting?

We use a number of different taping and splinting tools as adjuncts to therapy to assist us to achieve our therapy goals. The children and adolescents who may benefit from taping & splinting range from typically developing children to children with complex needs.

Taping-1The range of tools we use are:
Kinesio Taping – An elastic theraputic tape that has multiple purposes including reducing pain and swelling in sporting injuries, holding a joint in an optimal position, rest a muscle, keep a body part in a better position and increase input around a joint.

Fabrifoam Wrap – A reusable wrap that helps to relieve pain, assist correct joint alignment & muscle length and provides maximum compression to a limb.

Straps – A unique and innovative brace that are a compression garment.  It provides taping & strapping in one piece that is often more effective for children and requires no complicated application.

Theratogs™ taping/suits – This garment is a live in exo-muscular system for neuromotor postural and proprioceptive sensory training. Theratogs™ allows improved joint alignment throughout the day and is individualised for each child.

Serial casting – provides a continuous stretch to tight muscles in both upper and lower limbs. The time in casts vary but they are changed every 3 – 5 days and will be applied for 2 – 6 weeks.

Who: Children/adolescents who will benefit from taping & splinting are those who have:

  • Hypermobility (Ehlers/Danlos syndrome)Taping-2
  • Sports injuries
  • Pain in joints or muscles
  • Weakness in one muscle
  • Toe walking or Intoeing
  • Cerebral Palsy spasticity
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Developmental Co-ordination Disorder.

Provided by: All of our experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists during individual sessions as appropriate.