Hand skills for children aged 0-6 months

15 June, 2020
For the next couple weeks, we will discuss the development of fine motor skills in the first 12 months of a baby’s life. Fine motor skills are the movements we make using the small muscles of the hands.

From birth, babies use their hands to explore their own bodies and the world around them. The development of hand skills depends on the baby developing skills (gross motor and vision) suitable for their age, providing the basic structure from which the arm and hand can be moved with control.

Deb’s Key Takeaways

Skills needed for development of early fine motor milestones:

Development of fine motor skills 0-6 months


Ways to encourage your baby’s fine motor development


When to ask for help


Fine motor (play skills) in the first 6 months of your baby’s life are dependent on them also reaching gross, visual, and cognitive skills. If you have any concerns relating to your baby’s early hand skill development, speak to your GP, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist.

Keep safe, happy, and well.


By Debbie Evans

Executive Director

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