Container play and posting play for children

Container play and posting play for children

25 August, 2020
At TFK we love to see our babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers play posting games. It begins from about 12-15 months and involves dropping or “posting” objects into different containers (e.g. a bowl). Children still play posting games in more complex ways into preschool.

Posting helps develop:

At TFK we have a range of posting toys to use with our babies up until school age.

Toys to make at home:

It’s very easy to make posting toys/play posting games at home using a few household items.
This is just a beginning – please share your ideas with us.
Our lovely OTs, Jane, Pauline, Rebecca, and Belle, will be happy to give you suggestions and ideas.
Stay safe, happy, and well,
By Kristy Allison
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