What Is Joint Attention In Children?

Joint attention is a crucial developmental milestone in children. This blog explains joint attention & some effective joint attention activities for kids.

Jumping milestones for children 18 months to 5+ years

Jumping develops once your toddler is walking, going up and down stairs, trotting, and walking on their toes.

Social stages of play for children 0-6+ years

Any activity that your child does (whether organised or unstructured) that they find fun is considered play. Play is much more than just having fun. While playing, your child learns and develops important skills they will continue to use throughout their lifetime. There are 6 stages of play during early childhood – all of which are important for all areas of development.

Pointing for children 5-18 months

Pointing is a fine motor skill that is used for early social and communication interactions.

Independent standing milestones for children 0-12 months

In the last 2 weeks we have had a number of our little people at TFK achieve independent standing. Such a lovely thing to see as a baby has the confidence and skills to let go and stand alone. Initially they can only stand, but very quickly they can hold a toy, play, and reach while maintaining their balance in standing. The ability to stand alone is important for both motor and social/cognitive development.

Fine motor skills for children 6-12 months

Last week we discussed fine motor development in the first 6 months and the importance of vision and gross motor skills for this successful development. From 6-12 months, this continues to be the case, but as well fine motor development (especially pointing) is important for early communication.

Hand skills for children aged 0-6 months

For the next couple weeks, we will discuss the development of fine motor skills in the first 12 months of a baby’s life. Fine motor skills are the movements we make using the small muscles of the hands.
climbing1 (1)

Early climbing for children aged 8-12 months

Welcome back to transitional gross motor milestones. Your babies are far more mobile now! Which is so much fun but also means you may have to have a closer, watchful eye on those moving little people.

Pulling to stand using furniture for children 7-12 months

8 to 10 months old babies begin to have more strength and explore the space around them.

Self-feeding for children aged 6 months to 4+ years

Self-feeding: part 2 Last week we discussed the first 4 months of your baby’s feeding development. This period focuses on reflex behaviour and…

Self-feeding for children aged 0-6 months

Feeding is something we get asked about constantly, and as self-feeding involves gaining skills across all areas of development, we will discuss it over a few blog posts.


Last week I discussed rolling, the first movement transition. Once your baby has mastered this skill, they tend to spend more time on their tummy as they can move so freely. Now babies quickly start to move.

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