Please complete this brief checklist if you have concerns in regards to your child’s fine motor development.

Does your child have difficulty with any of the following areas compared to their peers?

  • Undecided hand preference?
  • Reduced strength or control when using their dominant hand?
  • Cutting with scissors?
  • Tracing on lines or colouring within lines?
  • Drawing pictures with good pencil control?
  • Handwriting legibility?
  • Picking up small objects?
  • Difficulty with threading?
  • Using a precise pincer grasp (holding items between the thumb and index finger)?
  • Controlled use of spoon, fork or knife?
  • Correct pencil grip?
  • Fastening buttons, zips or tying shoelaces?
  • Motor control and coordination when using both hands together?
  • Opening packets, zip lock bags and containers?
  • Avoids construction activities such as puzzles, Lego, or trying new games?

If you ticked some of the boxes above an Occupational Therapy Assessment is recommended as Occupational Therapy can assist development of these skills.