Importance of crossing the midline

Importance of crossing the midline

24 August, 2020
Often at TFK you will hear a therapist say “Great crossing over” or “This week we’ll work on crossing the middle.”

So, what is crossing the midline?


Crossing the midline is important because:

Crossing the midline develops from:


Necessary building blocks for crossing the midline:

If your child has problems crossing the midline you might see:

What you can do to help your child to cross the midline:

Speech-Image-9 (1)

Some activities that you can do with your child to help crossing the midline:

Speech Image 28

When to ask for help:

If your child has difficulty with skills involving crossing the midline, i.e. drawing, writing, reading or ball skills, discuss your concerns with your GP, paediatrician, or occupational therapist or physiotherapist.
Stay safe, happy, and well,
By Kristy Allison
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