Intensive Paediatric Therapy – helping Harry ride his bike

12 October, 2020
Harry is four-years-old with a condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder affecting development and growth. For Harry, the syndrome affects his balance, strength, and motor planning abilities.

Through an intensive paediatric therapy program, Harry is better able to develop the skills necessary to meet his personal goals, such as riding a bike.

We started Harry on a balance bike to teach him how to balance, turn, and navigate, before moving on to a pedal bike. He completed a 3-week intensive including bike riding with other life skills. He subsequently completed weekly physiotherapy at Narrandera Therapies for Kids to consolidate his therapy, followed by a mini-intensive (1 week). This powerful combination, as well as a supportive family, has enabled Harry to ride his bike independently on his family’s farm in the Riverina, just one week after the mini-intensive. Watch the video to see Harry in action.

The Intensive Paediatric Therapy programs have been particularly beneficial to Harry, as he gets one-on-one time with experienced therapists, overseen by our Executive Director, Debbie Evans, with over 40 years experience and knowledge. Harry’s therapist, Clare Hoogers said “This is a massive goal for a child with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Most kids never make it this far. We are sooo proud of Harry and his family for this amazing achievement.”

If your child has a genetic and metabolic syndrome like Harry, Intensive Paediatric Therapy with experienced therapists can help them achieve their goals.

All Intensive Paediatric Therapy programs are designed specifically around your child’s individual needs and are an effective way of challenging your child to help them maximise gains in strength and function within a short period of time. This could be to walk, roll or sit independently, complete stairs, climb playground equipment, increase endurance/stamina, improve running style, etc. There is no limit to what goals we work towards. The intervention and treatments are tailored to the individual goals so no two intensives are ever the same.

We have some space available for Intensive Paediatric Therapy sessions. Contact us directly so we can tailor a program for your child and help them reach their goals.

By Debbie Evans

Executive Director

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