Tips for toilet training your toddler

Tips for toilet training your toddler

14 October, 2020
We often get asked when a parent should be worried about toilet training for their child. Like all developmental milestones, each child is individual in the time they are ready. Some children start being interested in toilet training as early as 18 months, but anywhere up to 3.5 years is okay.

Some signs that your child might be ready for toilet training are:

Potty or toilet seat/trainer

Children can be very definite in their likes and dislikes at toilet time, so it can be a good idea to give your child some options.
Choices include:
Often at child care your child won’t have the choice of a potty or even a toilet seat, so getting them used to both is a great idea.

Training is everything

Praise your child for every achievement – no matter how little!
IMG_0008 (1)

Verbalise and gesture

Make it easy

Empower your child
Ideas to avoid accidents
Accidents are part of toilet training so just:
If you have questions about toilet training or your child is 4 years or older and not yet toilet trained, speak to a medical professional. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists can help with toilet training tips.
Keep safe, happy, and well,
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By Kristy Allison
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