Today I’ll talk about concentration and attention.

  • Attention is the ability to gain and maintain focus on a task.
  • When your child is concentrating, they can screen out external stimuli in order to engage in the task at hand.
  •   If your child can maintain attention, they can engage for long enough to repeat and this is necessary for learning any new skill.
  •  Attention allows a child to follow 2 step instructions.

Ways to help develop attention:

  • Start with 1 step instructions and get your child to repeat it back to you.
  • Play games with multiple steps, encourage your child, help set the rules.
  • Limit noise and distraction when first introducing new skills.
  • Keep increasing your child’s understanding of language (receptive language). This gives them the tools to understand new expectations and information.
  • Gain eye contact when you are making requests.
  • Use simple language and model (show) your child if necessary.

deas to help:

  • Strengthening of muscles – particularly core and arms/hands.
    • Wheelbarrow walks
    • Animal walks
    • Riding tricycle/bike/scooter
    • Swings
    • Playing with playdough
    • Ball skills
    • Wearing backpack in preparation for school

Signs of poor attention:

  • Inability to focus on one activity
  • Gets bored before completing a task
  • Difficulty listening if any distractions
  • Problems with following instructions
  • May have trouble processing and remembering information
  • Fidgeting
  • Unable to sit still to finish an activity or listen to a book being read