Debbie Evans – Executive Director

The knowledge and experience we gain grows exponentially when we pass it along to the next generation of clinicians and researchers

Deb has been practicing in Paediatric Physiotherapy since her graduation in 1979 in South Australia. Over the past 39 years, Deb has gained extensive experience in working with families and has developed a strong and unique treatment philosophy. The central premise of this philosophy is a transdisciplinary approach while working with families to provide optimum intervention for their child.

Deb has worked in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales in her time as a physiotherapist, including twenty years in government, community and NGO services as well as 18 years in private practice in Sydney. This has allowed Deb to develop many contacts in both the medical and education professions. Deb’s extensive experience has provided her with a comprehensive range of treatment experiences that are invaluable to her current practice and treatment at Therapies for Kids.

Therapies for Kids was born out of Deb’s passion to provide premises that are unique and family friendly and which has a team on-site to promote a unique environment where information can be shared. This is proving to be a success and particularly now, working in the gym environment where all therapists from Therapies for Kids can work together.

At present her unique energies are directed at making the gym a place for children of all abilities and needs to come together whether individually, with their therapist or in groups.

As Deb has 39 years experience in physiotherapy and is the Clinical Director of the Physio-team, she has an understanding of the multiple services provided by her very experienced team. Deb has been appointed as an Adjunct Supervisor in the Physiotherapy Faculty at Macquarie University and has lectured at the University in Rennes in France on therapy techniques for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Deb has been the driving force in establishing the unique Physiotherapy Gym, the Fizzy Groups, Practice “n” Play, Gym Passes and ensuring that all services provided are of the highest standard and that all practices are evidence based.

To ensure this Deb has handpicked all her staff for their variety of skills and provides further development of their skills through regular supervision, supporting continuing education both within Therapies for Kids and externally. Deb has asked all staff to use the Goal Assessment Scale (GAS) with children and families as well as video records and various assessment tools to ensure that the measurement of your childs progress in physiotherapy is recorded.

As the Gym is an open play environment it is an ideal setting for Deb to oversee all treatments and thus she can assist staff and families to achieve their goals even if not directly involved in therapy with your child.

As a Principal of the Practice, Deb is in ongoing contact with all the physiotherapists regarding treatment and management of children who are being seen or who are about to be seen. Deb is happy to be contacted regarding any feedback or concerns that may arise.